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Developing leading women

A number of our coaches specialise in coaching leading women.

We understand the career challenges that women face in organisations, and have built significant credibility in working with women as they progress through the different stages of their careers, from junior to senior roles, and onto the board.  Our coaching programmes assist women to navigate and be successful in their careers, whilst balancing their personal lives in the way that they choose.  Typically we also work with the line manager so that they can best support and mentor their female leader.

We understand that organisations often wish to accelerate the number of women into senior roles.  Our research team works with organisations to understand the systemic issues, and recommends actions and policies that will help build a sustainable female pipeline. (see our work in Research). Their findings also serve to further enhance our awareness of the issues that women face, and therefore the effectiveness of our coaching programmes.

We have put this in depth research to good use and have designed our own 360 coaching tool ‘Women in Leadership’, specifically designed to assist in supporting women in senior roles.