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Board and team coaching

Our mission: to provide transformational leadership development and change management consultancy in order to equip our clients and their businesses to succeed in the face of the complex global challenges of our times.

Our work with boards reflects our mission.

Typically this work involves 1:1 executive coaching together with facilitation of whole-board team workshops. The focus of this work includes (but not exclusively) how the board works together to run the business, and has an additional focus on how the board will transform the business in order to succeed.

Team Coaching

We are at the forefront of exciting developments in team coaching.

We have considerable experience of working with a blended approach of 1:1 coaching and team interventions. These have traditionally had a strong focus on team development, team process and development of the individual team members’ skills in managing the team relationships and dynamics.

We are now taking this solid experience, together with ground breaking research and thinking by Peter Hawkins / Katzenbach and Smith / Wageman et al, to develop a systemic team coaching approach. This approach recognises the need for the team as a whole to successfully navigate:

  • a more complex and interconnected world.
  • the need to both run and transform the business.
  • the management of expectations of all the different stakeholders in the business.


If you would like to read more about our cutting edge work in this area please see our case studies and thought leadership.