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1 : 1 Executive coaching

Our goal is to deliver transformational results for our clients. Our coaches have their own authentic presence and expertise that we value. We are not committed to any single coaching methodology, but to coaching excellence, in whatever form it takes. We welcome and value difference and share our approaches for the benefit of our clients.

We aim to create authentic leadership by working at 3 levels:

1. Skills, knowledge, behaviour.

2. Self awareness, learning capacity and creativity.

3. Purpose, values, beliefs and mind set.

As a result of our coaching programmes our coachees are more able to engage with numerous different and varied teams. They can transcend cultural difference and organisational complexity to engage others, create followership, motivate and transform.

We are committed to our coaching values:

  • The creation of a robust coach/coachee relationship of mutual regard and trust.
  • State of the art analysis to fully understand current performance standards and to build clear coaching objectives.
  • The use of a wide range of coaching and leadership models, techniques and other learning methodologies drawn from our deep expertise in the profession.
  • The International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.