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Director Development Programme

- A Blended Approach

Programme Objectives

The client is looking to develop future Partners whilst also developing the capability of its Director grade to:

  • Contribute to the effective leadership of the firm
  • Attract new business and develop existing clients
  • Create a role that has a strong client focus that goes beyond delivery of projects for their service line.


The Challenge

We want to get the participants working collaboratively across service lines and apply quickly the insights from the programme together with best practice from across the firm. The target audience is a very capable group, however, to date they have tended to focus on delivering client projects with a strong focus on their particular service lines.

Our Blended Solution

We created a modular programme that can be tailored ‘live’ in order to deal with the realities facing these future leaders. Key elements of the programme include:

  • Pre- Programme diagnostic discussions and objective setting
  • 3 modules:  Leadership, Business Development and Client Focus
  • Facilitated workshops with action learning groups
  • Visiting Partners to give their insights, discuss the firm’s approach to the market and changing expectations of professionals.
  • Tools and models applied between modules on real situations and with wider colleagues.


How It Works in Practice

Diagnostic Discussion
The participants complete the Executive Coaching Tools Ltd.   360° questionnaire “Leading through Change”. This feedback was then discussed with an internal coach as part of a development and objective setting discussion.

Participants therefore arrive on the first module with clear objectives for their development and clarity on what they are looking to achieve on the programme.

Action Learning Groups

Our consultant facilitates the three workshops in which key topics and new  ideas are discussed. The participants take this input and work in trios or small table groups to apply the key learning to live scenarios.

The practical application of the lessons learned is further encouraged by discussions with visiting partners who bring their own practical insights to the issues discussed.

Individual participants, and in some cases the trios from the module, then complete further work between modules to ground the learning in real work.

At the start of subsequent modules the action learning groups share the progress made, the challenges they face achieving their action plans and the insights gained. Each participant is therefore working collaboratively with colleagues to make the shifts they need in order to develop their role as directors, and in some cases aspiring Partners.

Ongoing Development

The Directors have created during the programme a personal development plan that sets out what they are going to do to further develop relevant leadership and business development and skills. The trios (or action learning groups) together with all other participants on the programme also form a strong internal network that will support each other in achieving these goals.

Key Successes

  • 360° feedback and action planning adds a strong focus to the learning
  • New insights and input applied quickly to client situations
  • Working collaboratively with colleagues to support each others development and the achievement of real business objectives
  • Challenging, interesting and relevant
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