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Lead Coach - Adding Value

Lead Coach for Lead Client Service Partner Programme

You can read in our case studies more about our work with 25 partners across Europe. The short version is that we have been providing Executive Coaching support to 25 experienced partners as they develop into a new and challenging role of Lead Client Service Partner (LCSP) for large global clients.

Our approach to delivering excellence in our coaching has been to mirror the LCSP role through the role of Lead Coach.

In addition to being part of the coaching team, the Lead Coach serves both the client and the coaching team by acting as a principle point of contact.

What our Client Notices:

  • Consistently high standard of coaching and service from the Gordon  Cooper Team
  • Regular contact to communicate progress with a highly valuable discussion of insights gained about key themes.
  • A proactive service in which we anticipate and future developments in the programme and make our suggestions accordingly.
  • Easy to contact Lead Coach and quick response


What Our Team Notice

  • A comprehensive programme of support including 1:1 conversations (any time), team conference calls every month, team meetings quarterly and the provision of independent coach supervision.
  • Regular briefings and updates so that each coach knows the context in which they are working, what is expected and all the logistical requirements such as programme timings etc.
  • A catalyst for the team to share best practice, encourage innovation and strive for excellence.
  • Easy to contact Lead Coach and quick response
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