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Global Coaching Programmes

Global Cooper

Building on the success of a major Executive Coaching assignment run across Europe in 2010/11 we are now looking to deliver similar programmes for our client globally.

We have a long history of delivering for clients around the world. One of our first assignments when forming Gordon Cooper Associates back in 1996 took us to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is however fair to say that the bulk of our work to date has been carried out in Europe.

Working globally has its challenges, not least because the development of the coaching industry and therefore coaching practice has progressed at different paces around the world. This is also reflected in a wide range of fees charged according to region.

Building A Global Team - Our Approach

In creating our global team we have adopted the same approach we used back in 1996 to build our UK and then European team. We are either approached by, or identify highly experienced and qualified coaches as potential team members.

Only when we are satisfied that a coach has the appropriate experience, qualifications and more importantly shares our values, do we look to bring them into our team.  In many cases we will have spent a long time getting to know the potential team member before we make a formal approach. This is however only the start of the process; in order to build a truly strong and dynamic team you need great communication, regular contact and reasons to work collaboratively.

Global Contracting

We are currently working with our client to create a global contract for coaching that enshrines the excellence they have experienced in our work in Europe whilst also reflecting the different commercial realities region to region.

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